Pray for Guatemala!

As many of you have heard already, there was a deadly volcanic eruption yesterday here in Guatemala. Volcan de Fuego is located southwest of Guatemala City. It is one of most active volcanos in Central America.

It erupted yesterday in the afternoon. As soon as we heard about it, we turned on the news and saw videos of people running away from the smoke and lava. People who live near the surrounding areas of the volcano couldn’t even walk because their shoes began melting.

Edwin and I went to the grocery store and market to buy our weekly items, and when we left the building I noticed the car was very dirty from what I thought was the rain. It turns out that it was the dust or sand from the eruption. It was raining, so the rain and air was dirty from the ashes.

On our way to work this morning we noticed a lot of cars covered in ashes and dust. We went to the park with our students for an event and the sidewalks were covered in dust as well. The outside areas of our school were painted with dust.

Up to now there are 33 people who died, and the number is expected to rise. Many people were injured and more than 3,000 people have evacuated their homes. Many are still missing.

Today is a day of mourning and reflection for those affected. As I stated, we went to the ecological park today to celebrate taking care of the environment, but we also took advantage to set aside a small reflection and moment of silence for all of Guatemala.

This is something I’ve never experienced in my life—a volcanic eruption near my home. I give all my thanks to God for protecting me, my family and friends. I pray for those who suffered and are still suffering from this natural disaster.

God watch over us and calm the hearts of those who are living this tragedy.


UPDATE: Edwin and I have decided to create a GoFundMe page:

Pray for Guatemala. God Bless.


My students and me at the ecological park.

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  1. I would be terrified. Take care of yourselves. This is unbelievable — when the news came on I thought they were talking about Hawaii and then they said Guatamala and I could not believe it. I called your mom and dad immediately and they said you were safe. As I have already said take care of yourselves.
    Much love Grandma

  2. Yes, it’s been difficult hearing all of the stories and watching the videos of the eruption. We are safe here. Only finding ways to help those who were affected! Love you Grandma!!

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